A better way to manage your servers

Tempest is a cross-platform terminal emulator that seamlessly integrates SSH & SFTP client and Kubernetes, and syncs configurations effortlessly across devices.

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Security and Compliance

A better SSH and SFTP client

With Tempest, you can SSH to all your servers at anytime.

Connect from any device.
Tempest can run on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. Seemlessly sync aross devices
Zero knowledge and End-to-end encryption.
Encryption and decryption process only occur on your device. Your sensitive information will never leave your device, protected by secure cryptoprocessor
External Credentials Provider.
Tempest supports 1Password as private key provider(agent), so that you can use Tempest without adding credentials
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Collaborate with Team

Enhanced Jump Server, on Premises, on Cloud

Collaborate with team and experts

Share and collaborate on SSH, Local terminal, Serial, and Kubernetes session with a link. Join from everywhere on the world.

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Manage team members

Maintain a enterprise vault, and share between all members. Comes with enterprise fine-grained ACL control.

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Session auditing

Session history can optionally saved in encrypted format. Replay when needed for audit usages.

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Kubernetes, Simplified

Using Kubernetes? No problem.

Tempest can also sync Kubeconfig across devices, and setup environment for you to work side-by-side.

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Separate works in parallel.
Tempest can create different enviorment shell, each isolated.
Powerful API.
All your clients work with Tempest. kubectl, Helm, k9s, stern... You name it!
Forget about backups.
Your data is protected under Tempest account(if signed in), and never lose data again.


Please contact [email protected] for business inquaries.